What is FabZone?

FabZone is a community workshop (makerspace) with a woodshop, sewing room, digital tooling center and more. It is a community of people who like to 'make' (build, fix, repurpose, upcycle, tinker, kit-bash or MacGyver). It is for anyone who can make, who wants to learn how to make, or who wants to share their making skills with others. 

FabZone is a welcoming place to meet others who share your interests. It is where you can learn new skills, and share our space, tools and know-how. FabZone offers day, month and year passes, as well as classes and workshops.

FabZone is a community that works together to make things that help others. 

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10:00 - 17:00

13:00 - 20:00

13:00 - 20:00

10:00 - 17:00

10:00 - 17:00

Price List


Day pass 

Month pass

Year pass



Full / Discount*

$15 / $10

$45 / $30

$365 / $240


3D printing

Laser cutter

$2 / hour

$5 / ten minutes

*full time students age 12+ or seniors 65+

**Annual fee. Members receive newsletter, have access to online booking and voting rights at AGM

Membership fee is include in year pass


Intro to 3D printing

Intro to vector drawing with Inkscape 

Intro to laser cutting

Sewing basics

Learn to solder

and more....

FabZone staff

Founder and Executive director


Katy Johnston

Katy has a degree in mechanical engineering and a certificate in sustainable development. She dreamed up FabZone after leaving her job as an engineer in the aerospace field. She wanted to spend her time doing what she enjoyed - making stuff, fixing stuff and meeting people.  She strongly believes that sharing resources makes more sense than each of us owning tools that sit idle 364 days a year.

Katy discovered a love of 3D printing while making PPE in the early part of the Covid-19 pandemic. With six 3D printers in her basement running around the clock for several months, she learned that 3D printer maintenance and repair is also something she enjoys (though it can be frustrating!!!).





Katy is currently working as a Fab Lab technician at Cavelier-De Lasalle high school, where she enjoys showing students how to sew, use the laser cutter, create 3D models and make decals. The school FabLab allows students to learn some practical skills and provides them some rewarding volunteer activities such as making plaques for awards night or signage for the school.


She has been an avid seamstress since she was ten and loves making everything from Halloween costumes to home decor items to wedding dresses. She also crochets, knits, beads, paints, does paper crafts and digital design. When she is not making stuff she can be found weeding in her garden or reading.

Katy has lived on the West Island since the age of four. She currently lives in Pointe-Claire with her husband (Chris Olive - FabZoneTechnical Advisor), their daughter Sarah, their son Ryan, two cats and a lizard.

Board of Directors



Ismail Chaaraoui

Ismail has a degree in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and has work in the medical device industry for 4 years now. He loves working with his hands and building things DIY. He got into 3D modelling and 3D printing during his undergraduate years, volunteering at the uOttawa Makerspace and has, ever since, been looking to help start up a similar workshop for the community to enjoy. He's slowly getting into other "maker" hobbies such as woodworking, laser-cutting and CNC-ing.

Board member



Gisela has recently retired from teaching in a Languages and Cultures program at the CEGEP level.  She holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in German Studies. Gisela enjoys walking, gardening and being creative with painting and pottery. She was always a DIY-person, rescuing old furniture and renovating objects in need.  In FabZone, she finds the perfect venue to put those skills to work. 




Marta Slanik holds a Bachelor and Master of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and is currently working on a Graduate Certificate in Translational Biomedical Engineering. Marta has a passion for the fine arts and is an accomplished oil painter. Marta is a member of the home and school at Ecole St-Remi and the Beaconsfield Traffic Advisory committee, and is V-P of the Bluefins swim club.

Board member



Mark is a Programme Manager for various non-governmental agencies with 20+ years of international experience and an education in Computer Science and Management. Mark has been an early supporter of the Maker movement and an avid retrogamer with experience in electronics, CNC, 3D printing, woodworking and home renovations. When not at work, Mark can be found building, repairing or playing classic arcades with his kids

Board member



David is a Senior Content Experience Designer for Autodesk, and is looking forward to helping and seeing folks use design tools in real-world applications.

David is part of the Cedar Park Pool committee and a volunteer at the Covid-19 vaccination clinic. David is a part-time musician and plays for the Montreal trio Squidjigger. He and his family live in Pointe-Claire.

Technical advisor



Chris is a high school science teacher and coach of the Lower Canada College Robotics team. He has recently built a kinematic sand table and a go-kart that he drives around town.

Chris is an avid soccer player and coaches MU-18 for Pointe-Claire. He is also a volunteer at Cedar Park pool where he takes care of maintenance.