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FabZone is proud to be the parent organization supporting the Pointe-Claire Butterflyway

The Butterflyway is a corridor of gardens across Pointe-Claire and the surrounding territory that provides habitat for butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Residents are invited to plant native flowers such as milkweed, echinacea and bergamot in their gardens.  These flowers are beautiful and easy to grow since they are adapted to our environment. We can provide a sign for your garden showing that you are supporting the initiative. A little butterfly will be added to our map showing the approximate location of your garden.

We are seeing many insects become extinct due to development, pesticides, and loss of habitat.With these pollinator patches, we will attract pollinators, which are great for food production for us as well as other living creatures. Insects create the biological foundation for all terrestrial ecosystems. They cycle nutrients, pollinate plants, disperse seeds, maintain soil structure and fertility, control populations of other organisms, and provide a major food source for other taxa.


This summer we planted a butterfly garden at the corner of Ambassador and Aurora. We used the lasagna method to quickly make a flower bed that we could plant with a variety of bee and butterfly friendly flowers. We had several people come by to help or to drop off flowers, earth or rocks. We are looking forward to putting in more native plants this fall, and seeing them come up in the spring.

pc butterflyway.jpg
aurora 2.jpg

For more information on the Butterflyway project join our facebook group or


There is also a St-Lazare-Vaudreuil Butterfly way group on Facebook

You can download an excellent guide with a detailed list of native plants for the St-Lawrence Lowlands ecoregion  here

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