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A few of our favorite websites  A huge catalog of 3D printing and laser cutting files to download and print and lots of great information about 3D printing​ and laser cutting Free online software for making 3D designs, kid-friendly  Explanations of 3D printing terms (note, stay on US site to view this page) great tips for making your 3D prints better free software for creating and editing vector drawings​ free vector drawings to use in your projects. Please attribute any files you use from the site lots of tutorials and projects for Cricut cutter and heat press instructions on how to make all sorts of cool stuff more cool projects tons of great things to make with IKEA furniture some really nice files to download for laser cutting you ever want to make a box on the laser cutter, this is your go-to site. Many designs, all can be customized another great resource for making boxes on the laser cutter custom patterns for boxes, polygons, gift bags and more

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